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Montreal Moving Checklist: Frequently Asked Questions


How much do movers cost for local moves? For local moves within 70km, you can expect to pay movers by the hour. Hiring 2 movers and a truck will cost you between $ 85 and $ 120 per hour before May 20 or from July 5. A team of movers with more than two people will cut down on the number of hours, but you’ll have to pay for the extra mover. When you move to the same building, moving labor only (without the moving truck) will cost around $ 80 and more. Keep in mind there are many different factors that can affect the cost of your move. 

How long does it take to move? The time it takes to relocate depends on the specific circumstances of every individual case. Studio or small one-bedroom moves take about 2-4 hours. Two-bedroom moves take about 3-5 hours. Three to four-bedroom moves take up to 7 hours. Five or more-bedroom moves can take 8 to 10 hours.

My moving date has changed. What should I do? Contact us as soon as you can if your move dates have changed. In most cases we can accommodate a change of moving date at your request. Keep in mind that your estimate may change depending on the dates you have selected.

Is it cheaper to rent a truck or hire movers? Hiring a rental truck and doing it yourself is cheaper, but a lot more hassle. Hiring movers usually costs more (depending on your move), but it takes less time and effort, the time savings can be worth using movers, you won't have to drive a truck or carry your belongings, sometimes very heavy.

Can you move by yourself? Fortunately, there are cheaper ways to do a move by yourself. Renting a moving truck, trailer, or container is one way to reduce relocation costs when preparing for a move. These options also allow you to move without having to hire a moving company.

Do I need to secure parking for my movers?  Yes, try to reserve parking spaces close to the entrance of both the old and the new buildings, to save on time and labor for your local movers in Montreal.

How far in advance should I hire movers? It's a good idea to book your movers as soon as possible, book movers at least two months in advance for a local move, and at least three months in advance for a long-distance move.

How many movers do I need for my move in Montreal? Trying to estimate how many movers you need to help with your relocation, choosing between 2 or 4 movers, the key is establishing your moving needs. Every move is unique and your move could take more or less time than we estimate.

Home Size/SqFt                                           Time: load and unload

1-2 Bedroom Apartment (700-1200 sqft)  -  2 Movers / 3-5 Hours

2-3 Bedroom Home (1100-1600 sqft)       -  3 Movers / 4-6 Hours

3-4 Bedroom Home (1500-2200 sqft)       -  3 Movers / 5-7 Hours

4+ Bedroom Home (2000-3000 sqft)        -  4 Movers / 6-8 Hours

What is the best day to move in Montreal? The best days of the week to move are during the middle week (Monday through Thursday). Why? Because is less demand and cheaper! You will save yourself some money if you can move on one of these days rather than weekends.

Should you tip movers? If your movers do an outstanding job and you're very happy, then you may be willing to reward their efforts. For example, while $20 per mover is standard for a local move. Most people will tip their movers 5-10%.

Can you move a dresser with clothes in it? This is one of the most common questions we get from our potential customers. Don't leave clothes in drawers if the dresser is heavy, 60lb or more. If is a small and solid dresser you can leave your clothes exactly where they are for the move. We recommend that all from your dresser drawers be packed and leave this field empty!

Can I hire movers just to load a truck? Sure, you can hire movers to just load, unload your truck or moving container, you can get help with packing and unpacking, too. With this labor-only service, you rent your own rental truck and we do the work for you!

How do I find the best moving companies in Montreal? Choosing the right moving company can be hard work. 9 Tips to help you find the best movers in Montreal. 1.To find the best moving company in your area, ask friends, neighbors, co-workers or real estate agents 2. Check years of experience. 3. Licensed and insured. 4. What kind of services offered. 5. Read online reviews. 6. Check their moving equipment. 7. Ask If there will be any extra fees. 8. Transparent rates. 9. Blank moving contract.

Will movers move Ikea furniture? Yes, we move ready-to-assemble furniture, including IKEA furniture. Our Montreal movers will not move IKEA furniture unless it's been properly disassembled first.

Why do movers charge travel time? Yes, like most Montreal movers, we will charge for the travel time. This is the time needed for movers to get from their office location to your address, will be 30 minutes to get to you and 15 minutes to return.

Do you pay movers before or after? You generally pay upon delivery, but sometimes all charges must be paid before your belongings are unloaded, usually we apply this for a long-distance move.

Do Montreal movers charge by the hour? Montreal movers charge by the hour, so based on average local moving costs, 2 movers and a truck will cost you between $85 and $120 per hour before May 5 and after July 5.

Can you move with plants? Better will be to move the plants yourself. We will take your plants, not all plants, because some fragile plants are susceptible to shock when moving and can be damaged. We avoid moving plants in the winter. 

How should I pay and what are the payment methods? To pay our moving service in Montreal we accept:  debit cards, credit card, interact, charge cards, direct debit, and cash payments.

Is there a minimum number of hours for the moving service? We have a 3-hour minimum for local moves - 2 hours work plus 1-hour travel time. Travel time from our office to your address and back.

What to do if moving company is late? The most important thing you should do is try to remain calm and try to contact your moving company or the movers.

Can you do piano and pool table with our main house move in Montreal? Yes, we ca do. Pianos and pool tables are considered specialty items. The price for move and install billiard table is calculated in our hourly work rate, but for your upright piano or grand piano will be an extra charge.

How much does it cost to move an upright or grand piano? The local moving price of an upright piano ranges from $280 to $500 and for a grand piano the cost ranges from $395- $750. To assess the final price, several things are taken into account in the calculation.

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