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Student Discount Moving Service


You are a student and looking for the cheapest way to move in Montreal? Are there moving company that offer student discount in Montreal? We offer high quality relocation services in Montreal and long distance at discount prices for students. If you are a student and you need a move, don’t spend a lot of money! Call us and get the best quote for your moving!

We offer a wide variety of student moving discounts to help you afford your student move in Montreal or long-distance move, Montreal to Toronto, Montreal to Ottawa, Montreal to Quebec, etc. We understand that students are usually on a budget, so you will find that our special

Find here all student moving discounts in Montreal

Student Discount offers make your student move more affordable when the time comes to leave your dorm or apartment after the semester is over. We always offer special discounts for students! Just call us!

How to save on your student moving costs in Montreal? Cheapest way to move for a student.

Share moving costs with roommates. You can share your moving services costs with your current or future roommates by reserving one move on the same day.

Move with your friends. Here is a truck with a driver - mover and all the necessary equipment available (moving blankets, dollies, straps, boxes, mattress bags, wardrobe boxes, etc.) Our driver-mover a person with many years of experience in moving. He will give you good practical advice on how to start your moving and how to put in the truck. In reality, this method of moving let you the chance to save more than 50 % in comparison with traditional moving.

Summer Student Storage Solutions in Montreal.

You have vacation or you must participate in a student exchange program? Move your goods to storage for few months to economize your money. Call us for a security and economical storage. Even if you last minute move is only a day or two away give us a call.

Special discount moving every month in Montreal

Every month between the 10 and the 20th, we offer a special price. Call us if you're thinking of moving during this time frame.

Call us and reserve your moving date 2-3 weeks before the date in question, and you can save anywhere from 5%-10%.

Contact us - Montreal's Most Experienced Student Movers! Our professional service always leaves our customers satisfied!

To reserve your move / to ask a free moving quote / or for any other question concerning our service Free Moving Quote.

Take advantage of our team of professional movers and  our fast packing - a very good service at a very good price!

For more information, call us: 514-569-4443