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Moving from the City of Festivals to the City of Roses. The City of Windsor in Ontario happens to be the southernmost City in all of Canada. It sits on the southern shore of the Detroit River, directly across from Detroit, Michigan, United States.

The City of Roses as its also known is Canada's biggest contributor in the Automotive Industry, earning it as well the title of the Automotive Capital of Canada. Thanks to the City rich historical heritage for Industrial and Manufacturing companies has been the reason for Windsor's rapid development. The City currently has a population of 217.188 inhabitants.

The history of the City of Windsor dates back to 1892 when it was officially incorporated as a City. Since then Windsor has been an international gateway through which millions of visitors have entered the country.

The City of Roses currently ranks as the 5th largest manufacturing center in Canada. Since the beginning of the Auto Industry, Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors have been the major contributors to Windsor's Economics, and the future only looks brighter. Chrysler even has Head Offices in the City and its City's largest employer by far.

But, the Motor Industry isn't the only strong Economic force, as the Construction business, transportation, trade and service industries have been making their way into the City.

Windsor has incredible opportunities for Education at every stage, and it is one of the major attractions the City has, especially when moving from Montreal to Windsor, when it comes down to education you won't feel the difference.

The City of Windsor is the home of the prestigious University of Windsor, with strong programs in Medical, Dentistry, and Engineering which creates incredible opportunities for anyone looking on making a lifelong career in those fields.

Public Education falls under the responsibility of the Greater Essex County District School Board, the Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence, and the Conseil Scolaire Viamonde, the last two are the responsible for the French Education, due to the City having both English and French as official languages.

There are also several faith-based educational institutions in Windsor. Windsor's Public Library is one of the best in the Ontario Province, they offer education and entertainment programs and services. The Library also houses the City's historical archives.

Windsor currently ranks at 1007th cheapest City in the Province of Ontario with a housing price of $174.800 which is lower than the Province Average. Windsor is also the 6th City in the Ontario Province most desirable choice for buying an investment property or buy home for when moving in. As the number of listings continues to increase it is expected for the prices to drop, even more, making the Windsor Housing Market perfect to buy the house of your dream.

The City of Roses a very rich cultural life, which is another big plus when wanting to buy a house, there are several neighborhoods in the city and each one of them is just better than the last, whichever you pick it will be an amazing choice.

The City's major center for the performing arts is the Cleary Auditorium and Convention Center home to the Windsor Symphony and the Windsor Light Opera. Due to the close relationship that exists between Detroit and Windsor, there is an annual festival, called Detroit-Windsor International Freedom Festival.

Conducting proper research before moving from Montreal to Windsor is highly important, and finding the best house moving companies is also a serious decision to make. It is for sure a very complex task planning this long distance move, but the right moving company that is capable of even piano moving or billiard moving and with the most professional movers on the payroll, things can be easier for you, as they will take the heavy burden of route planning for the 893 kilometers between the two cities.

Careful planning and a proper budget are two very important things when committing to such a huge long distance move. In the roughly ten hours that takes to get from Montreal to Windsor, you'll pass through several big and small cities, so you really need a highly professional moving company capable of meeting your standards, so make sure to do a proper online research on those movers, check for reviews and past clients.    

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