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In Canada, the province of Quebec includes cities, including one called Gatineau. It is a city rich in history, tourist sites, language and culture in general.


Population, geographical location

The city of Gatineau is the fourth most populous city in the province of Quebec. With an estimated population of 276,245 inhabitants, the city has an area of ​​34,193 ha or 341.93 km2. In other words, Gatineau has a density of 808 inhabitants per km2.

It is located on the north side of the Ottawa River in front of the City of Ottawa. It is limited to the east and west by the Gatineau. It includes several lakes such as Lake Deschênes but also the Ottawa River, the tributary of the St. Lawrence What is an advantage for people to move from Longueuil to Gatineau.


History and language

Created in 1847 by a politician by the name of Philemon Wright, the city of Gatineau was named "Columbia Falls Village" by its founder but the others said Wright's Town. Historically, the city bore the name of the City of Hull between 1875 and 2002. It became the City of Gatineau in 2002 following a municipal merger.

In addition, the city of Gatineau is bilingual. In fact, the official languages ​​are English and French with a clear domination of the first. These are all factors that encourage many people to move to Gatineau to live permanently.


Tourist site to visit in Gatineau

Several tourist sites make Gatineau a city to visit. Indeed, the Casino du Lac Leamy is one of the main entertainment complexes in the city. Composed of two bars and three restaurants, it is a beautiful tourist spot

The Canadian Museum of History, known as the Canadian Museum of Civilization until 2012, is the most visited museum in the city. Gatineau Park is paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. There is a downhill ski center, cross-country ski trails, beaches, walking trails, mountain bike trails, etc.


Best University and College in Gatineau

The city of Gatineau is one of the cities that offers a diversified and high-performing education. In fact, the Université du Québec en Outaouais, with more than 5,000 students, provides training in over a hundred fields. She teaches computer science, communication, visual arts, psychoeducation, writing, as well as many other disciplines.

Regarding colleges, there is the Cégep de l'Outaouais which has 2000 part-time and 4,000 regular students spread over 3 campuses with its dozens of different courts and programs. Among others, we have the Collège Universel and Cégep Heritage College which can push families to move to Gatineau.


Best Restaurants in Gatineau

The city of Gatineau offers a wide range of drinks and dishes through its best restaurants. Thus, the Sterling which is a very cozy restaurant is located in a historic building at the edge of a river offers menus tide and meadow. In addition, the Baccarat is a prestigious restaurant of the Casino du Lac-Leamy serves fine French cuisine. Do not forget his cocktails and wines that are also reasons for many people to move to Gatineau. The restaurants of this city are numerous, in particular there is the Bistro Le Forain, the restaurant Maison Samorn etc ...


5 reasons to move to Gatineau

Tranquility: Gatineau is loved for its tranquility. Indeed, to preserve the well-being, the peace, the comfort, the tranquility of the neighborhood and the public tranquility a regulation 44-2003 is promulgated. In Gatineau, the noise caused by certain devices is governed by this code.

Life is cheaper: The price of housing is much cheaper in Gatineau than in many Canadian cities. Whether a condo, an independent house or a terraced house. It is mainly because of its housing prices that many people have imagined to move to Gatineau.

The child care system is also effective and less expensive.
A city of business: Gatineau is ranked among Canadian business cities according to a report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)
An attractive city: Gatineau is more attractive than Ottawa, especially for new migrants. In any case, it is an immigration report published by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).
With all these considerations, many people have made efforts to move from Longueuil to Gatineau, Ottawa, Hull. Moving Longueuil, local service at the best price.

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