Moving Longueuil to Drummondville, Best Price Guaranteed

Moving from Longueuil to Drummondville


How much does it cost to move from Longueuil or Montreal to Drummondville? The actual moving cost depends on the volume of what you're moving. It can be estimated based on the number of bedrooms of your home. For example, a studio apartment costs $490 to $590, a one-bedroom apartments costs $550 to $750, a two-bedroom costs $650 to $950, a three-bedroom costs $950 to $1500, a four-bedroom house costs $1300 to $1850, and anything larger would cost even more. The cost of moving a house or an apartment depending on the size and distance of the move.


Drummondville is a major city situated in the Central region of Quebec province also known as Centre -du -Quebec in the eastern side of Montreal on the river of Saint Francois. The population is not immense standing at a paltry figure of 71,582. Despite its low population it’s a breathtaking city and one to check out. it is currently governed by the mayor, Alexandre Cusson. It lies in the Regional County Municipality of Drummond and the district name is also the same.


The city was founded in the early 19th century by a military official by the name of Frederick Heriot. The reason the city was set up to provide a housing area for the British soldiers since Canada was part of the British crown. The city provided a good buffer to fight of the Americans. The city got its name from the legendary Sir Gordon Drummond, who served as a Lieutenant Governor of the upper side of Canada for three years. The development of the city began in the 1920's when industrial age was on the rise post World War 1. The city continued to go through evolution and adding new municipalities to it fold as late as 2004 when Saint Nicephore and two others joined its fold.


Being a Quebecois city French continues to hold its supremacy as the premier language in the region with 96 % of the population which rounds out to 67,000 identifying French as their mother tongue. The city has a long-standing French culture and holds on to its French heritage for over 200 years. Astonishingly, less than a thousand people identify English as their first language. With the fall of British empire to army left the shores of Canada and with that flocking of English-speaking people back to Britain. Other languages hold less than 2.5% of the population which again isn’t a surprising statistic since immigrants tend to settle in bigger cities of Canada such as Toronto and Ottawa. When it comes to education Drummondville holds the distinction of being home to the Cégep de Drummondville, a renowned public French-language CEGEP recognized globally.


Moving to a new city is always tricky. One is completely unaware of the new environment, the neighborhood, the people, the culture. But this city must be one of the easier ones to settle into. If you are looking to make the plunge, then it is important that you know the prices before buying a property here. A house with two bathrooms will cost around $149,000. A three bedroom with two bathrooms will costs $349,000. Alternatively, if you are looking to rent the place instead of buying there are cheaper options available in Drummondville with a two-bedroom, one-bathroom place costing $470. A bigger place such as four-bedroom, four bathrooms will cost close to $900. Like always it is wiser to rent a place first when moving to a new city.


To make the whole process smooth be sure to choose a company that has a good reputation with the customers and have a record of giving transparent rates to previous customers. Don’t be too lax about it and choose your moving company wisely to avoid hassle and make the transition trouble free. Be sure to check there are no hidden charges and if the company can move goods without breaking them or worst, losing them. These are your valuables and you are paying good money so be sure to research thoroughly beforehand.

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