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Need to move from Montreal to Thetford-Mines? We offer moving service from Montreal, Laval, Longueuil to Adstock, Saint-Daniel, Montreal to Sainte-Praxède, Disraeli, Montreal to Belmina, Montreal to Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester, Bernierville, Montreal to Saint-Pierre-Baptiste, Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine. Thetford-Mines is a city of Canada. It is present in the south-central Quebec. It was established in around 1876. As this area was discovered with the deposits of the asbestos so, for this reason Asbestos producing factories started setting up here that eventually gave rise to the present-day city of Thetford-Mines, QC.


In earlier times, it was not as big as it is today. It was in year 2001 that it took in some outer boundaries within its limits and became a big city. You can move from Montreal to Thetford-Mines for the reason that this state receives all four seasons; summer, winter, autumn and spring.


This city does not have a very big population. According to the Canadian Census of year 2011, this city has a population of 25,709 people. About 80% of the people use French language to communicate with others while remaining 20% speak English language.

Following are a few schools of this city that impart the best education. These schools are really popular among all the Canadians as they give rise to the finest people. It is these schools that has given great personalities to Canada that have helped the nation to prosper: École Saint-Louis, St-Patrick Elementary School, École Saint-Noël.

The homes of this city are built in such a manner that they perfectly meet the demands of all the four seasons. As this city receives heavy snow fall hence the roofs of these homes are A-frame. On the other hand, the ceilings are kept high so that the homes may not get extremely warm in the summer season. To add more, the windows are kept small so that the extreme weather conditions might not disturb the persons residing in the homes. Now let us discuss the interiors of these house. Well! They are magnificent. Variety of themes are used in these homes. For-example; Victorian, Mexican, and American. You can buy home here even if you are short on money as all sizes of homes are available. However, if you are short of money and do not want a small home to reside in then you can rent in a home here as well. After that the only thing you would need to do would be to call the movers to shift your stuff.

Move your home from Montreal to Thetford-Mines

Montreal is a great city to live in but if you are willing to move to any other city of Canada then you must never miss the chance of shifting your home from Montreal to Thetford-Mines. You must be wondering why we are saying this? Well! For us there is no city better than Thetford Mines for moving one’s house to.

Move your office from Montreal to Thetford-Mines

Like homes, the offices of this city have several themes as well. You can both rent in or buy office to shift your office from Montreal to Thetford-mines. Here we must mention that as this city receives all the four seasons hence, it is a great point in regards to business. It is among the main business points of Canada. So, if you are all into giving a boost to your business then you must shift your office from Montreal to Thetford-Mines. You can find both big buildings for your office and small rooms. All you have to do is to search for them.

Move your Piano from Montreal to Thetford-Mines

If you are willing to get your piano moved, then Demenagement Economique Alex can be your Piano movers. The workers of this moving company are all hardworking and diligent. You can trust them with your precious piano. We offer piano moving service from Montreal, Laval, Longueuil to Adstock, piano moving Montreal to Saint-Daniel, Sainte-Praxède, Disraeli, piano moving Montreal to Belmina, piano moving Montreal to Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester, piano moving Montreal to Bernierville, Montreal to Saint-Pierre-Baptiste, piano moving Montreal to Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine. 

Student Discounts for a move from Montreal to Thetford-Mines

Demenagement Confort is really good at giving the best student discounts. If you are short of money but have to hire the apartment movers, then you can get your children call the movers and get discounts for you. You would only need their Student cards in this regard.

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