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Moving from Montreal to Summerside, PE.

The City of Summerside is part of the Prince County in Prince Edward Island. It is the second largest City in the Island and the principal municipality for the western region of the Province.

The City of Summerside, whose name seems to be taken from the pages of the Game of Thrones Saga has no particular nickname, however, the City's Motto is "Small City, Big Opportunity".

The history of Summerside begins in 1877 when it was incorporated as a Town, and then in 1995, it was incorporated as a City. It currently has a population of nearly 15.000 inhabitants

In Summerside, the biggest employer is the Summerside Tax Center which is an agency of the Canadian Government in charge of processing all taxes including the Goods and Services Tax.

Another great employer in Summerside and part of the economic force of the City is the Slemon Park Business Park which houses several Aerospace and Transportation Companies, some of those companies are Vector Aerospace Engine Services Atlantic, Testori Americas, and Honeywell.

The City also enjoys the presence of Prince Edward Island largest private sector employer, Cavendish Farms. The City economics success is mostly due to the aggressive plans by the Summerside Economic Development Office that has been encouraging investment in the City for over two decades now.

The Education System in Summerside falls under the responsibility of the province of Prince Edward Island. And because of the City's English and French official languages, there are two different governing bodies, The English Language School Board and The Commission Scolaire de Langue Française.

The English Language School Board has 4 Elementary Schools, 2 Junior High Schools, and one Senior High School, the Board also has in the City. The Commission Scolaire de Langue Française handles one French Public School.

Beyond secondary education, the options are somewhat limited in Summerside. The City has a presence of the Prince Edward Island Community College System, Holland College, in three different facilities, Summerside Waterfront Campus, Marine Training Center, and Atlantic Police Academy. Also, you can find in Summerside the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada.

If you are planning to move from Montreal to Summerside, then, beforehand, who should visit the City and enjoy of its many amenities, but also, once you are in the City, conduct a thorough search of the housing market, and find out everything you need to know about it, Mortgages and by-laws, of course, you can always hired the help of a professional Realtor that can make that job easier for you, but still shouldn't miss out on that first visit to the City before making the decision, bear in mind that while Montreal is a big city, Summerside is a small one, so you will have to get used to those changes.

Summerside currently ranks at 3482nd cheapest City in Canada, with an average housing price of $169.900, which places Summerside below the National Average. Believe or not, Summerside Ranks number 1 as Prince Edward Island most desirable destination for investment properties. The current housing market makes it an amazing time for buying your dream house if your mind is set on moving to Summerside.

If you have found the dream house you wanted in Summerside, or have rented a wonderful place, and you are ready to go, then, you start your plan of moving from Montreal to Summerside. What can be a somewhat complex long distance move, considering there are over eleven hundred kilometers distancing both Cities, it can be easily accomplished by careful planning and a proper budgeting.

Because of the many kilometers between the cities, you have to find the best moving company that fully covers all your needs. You'll be passing through many cities in your way there, so plotting the most direct route can be a rather difficult task, and it'll be best for you went hunting for the best house moving companies in the market to find one that can do it for you, with the best movers teams, capable of even piano moving and billiard moving if they have to and that they will take good care of your precious belongings, that makes finding the right movers of the utmost importance.

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