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Moving from Montreal to Truro, NS


The Hub of Nova Scotia is Truro's nickname, and it truly makes and it does live to its expectation as it is located right there in central Nova Scotia.

The Town's location is on the southern edge of the River Salmon, in the county of Colchester. The history of this Town began in 1759 but it wasn't until 1875 that the settlement was incorporated in 1875.

It currently has a population 11.765, but when other neighboring areas from Colchester County are brought into the equation, the sum goes up to 45.777 inhabitants.

The Town is also the center of a major railway, ever since the days of the old Intercolonial Railway, which makes Truro a must-pass-through destination for people traveling up and down Nova Scotia. It has a very mix and rich economy, nowadays The Brookfield Dairy Company is one of the Town's major employer, then there is Stanfield's Textile Mills which is the oldest employer in Truro, dating back to 1870.

The cultural scene in Truro is pretty limited though, you'll find some chunks from the Berlin Wall, some historical railyards that are still operational today, and not much after that, and let's not forget the tree sculpture "Chief of Police".

Much like the cultural scene, the Education scene isn't much better, the town is pretty limited in primary, secondary and post-secondary education. The Town has only two public high schools which are Cob equid Educational Center and a Francophone institution called École Acadienne de Truro. Even though English is the official language you can also hear French and Acadian on the streets.

The post-secondary education is also limited to just two campuses, The Nova Scotia Community College and the nationwide prestigious Nova Scotia Agricultural College, researching the schools and campuses available in Truro, will guarantee that you satisfy your educational needs or that of your children. Remember that Education is a right and legal requirement for children and teenagers from the ages of 6 to 19. And the registration for the School year which begins in September starts several months before, commonly in February, so make sure to take this into account while you are planning on moving from Montreal to Truro.

By the time you start planning on searching for a house, whether you want to rent, or buy home, you and your family begin to feel excited about this long distance move from Montreal to Truro.

When it comes to average asking price for a home on Truro is $174. 900, making it the 502nd cheapest Town in Nova Scotia. Truro has grown up to be the 13th most desirable destination to invest in properties in the province of Nova Scotia.

The property listings have been decreasing for the past few months, meaning that newcomer’s homebuyers have been snapping that property off faster than they come up.    

However, the Town of Truro does have seen an increase in housing projects over the past decade, so rest assured that you'll find what you are looking for no matter what.

Finally, after you have snatched the House or Apartment you wanted it is time to hire some movers, a pretty decent moving company and get going from Montreal to Truro.

As with any other long distance move, is always a sound strategy to visit the Town first and get to know the basics of it, especially the house moving companies operating in Town, surely you won't be piano moving or billiard moving, but you'll still need experience and professional movers.

Every long distance move is always accomplished by a thorough planning and a proper budgeting strategy. When you want to hire professional movers, you do have to conduct a very thorough search, the company's reputation, online reviews, everything you can to get the best quote need for a move. It never hurts to ask if they have handled long distance move before.

Moving from Montreal to Truro is no easy feed, there more than a thousand kilometers distancing the big city and the small town that requires an extra pinch of intricate planning to get the moving job done, so take your time doing the research. Conducting a proper investigation may be time consuming but it all be worth it.    

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