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Moving from Montreal to New Glasgow, NS.

New Glasgow, known to locals as "NG" is a quaint little town found in Pictou County, running alongside Pictou's East River. New Glasgow is the fourth largest Town in Nova Scotia Province, it has a population of roughly 37.000 inhabitants because it is very close to Prince Edward Island it is a popular tourism hub.

The history of New Glasgow begins in 1875 when it was officially incorporated as a Town. There is a single bridge that joints the two sides of the Town together. NG was founded by Sir Robert Kenney.


The Town is the trade center of the Pictou County and two others, Antigonish, and Guysborough which includes, farming, lumber, and fishing goods.

The Town’s population have been slowly decreasing for the past decades. Ever since the entire Coal Industry in NG was abandoned, the Town's main economic force is the processing of softwood pulp, for the manufacturing of car tires, and rail cars. The Town is comprised of five neighborhoods, South End, Downtown, East Side, North Side, and West Side.


The major employers in the great New Glasgow Area, are the Aberdeen Hospital, The Michelin Tire Plant, and the headquarters of Sobeys, which is a National Groceries Chain.

Like most rural small Towns, New Glasgow offers limited options for post-secondary education. The big NG has a total of five schools, three of them are Elementary Schools, one Junior High School, and one High School. At the time of writing, in New Glasgow there are no post-secondary institutions, so, for further professional education, you will have to leave Town. Fortunately, pre-secondary and secondary education is guaranteed, and there are several choices, soy you have to make sure you do proper registration and on time, so your children will get places in the Schools they or you wanted.


If you are moving from Montreal to New Glasgow, make sure you conduct the proper registration for your children in School. The majority of the population in New Glasgow, roughly 90% speak English, although you can find a smaller percentage of French speakers and Acadian speakers, making a mix language Town.

House hunting in New Glasgow could be a nice way to get to know all five neighborhoods that make up the Town. NG's average housing price is $139.000 which is way below the average National Pricing.


New Glasgow is in the top 20% in Nova Scotia neighborhoods that are most desirable to buy a property in, for housing or investment opportunity.

The number of real estate’s listings has been dropping in New Glasgow which is a good indicator of excellent house pricing, so it will a good time to invest or get the home of your dream while you are moving. This is the part of moving from Montreal to New Glasgow that brings the most joy, house hunting.    

A thorough research prior to the buying or the renting will be required on your part when it comes to mortgages and by-laws, however, all of this can be better simplified by hiring a professional and experienced realtor.


You may not be needing a piano moving or a billiard moving, but still, this is a long distance move we are talking about and you'll still need to find the best house moving companies with the most professional movers to help you with what you need.

Accomplishing a successful moving from Montreal to New Glasgow will only be possible through taking all the necessary precautions, planning and budgeting, thus ensuring a successful move.


Take into account the distance between Montreal and New Glasgow, and the number of hours it takes to get there. Most movers can help you plan the most direct route, as they basically do it for a living. Finding a proper moving company is of the utmost importance, check for online reviews, past clients or referrals, anything that can get you a clear idea of the best quote need for a move.

Because of the 1.2 thousand kilometers distance between Montreal and New Glasgow, organizing a long distance move can be a rather complex task, especially if you have children.

That is why finding the right moving company is important, as they can help take some of the burdens of moving off of you.

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