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Moving From Montreal to Yarmouth

The history of the Town of Yarmouth, known to the locals as "The Gateway to Nova Scotia" began in 1890 when it was officially incorporated as a Town. It is located at the entrance of the Yarmouth Port in the southwestern end of the Nova Scotia Peninsula.

By 2016 Yarmouth had a population of roughly 7000 inhabitants. Nowadays the Town's economy is based on Fishing and Fish Processing with Herring, Scallops, and Lobsters being the primary products.


The Town is the center of the southwestern Commercial and Industrial scene, as well as the transportation center with their Ferry Services connecting Bar Harbor and Portland, Maine. Their connection with the US through the Ferry has turned Yarmouth in a major port of entry for tourism. Yarmouth has many museums and historical landmarks that reminds the visitors that it once was a major sea-port, the second largest in Canada no less.


Yarmouth has a very rich architectural culture due to its Victorian Maritime style buildings that have endured for centuries, the Town's main street showcases most of these buildings, which are used for commercial purposes nowadays, rest assure that if you choose to move to this Town, you won't get tired of the view.


Education in Yarmouth and in Nova Scotia, in general, make the news last years, as three hundred rallied in the Town demanding changes in the province Education System. The protest was a sounding victory for the teachers and a true victory for the Nova Scotia educational system. For 2018 the Education Minister for the NS province was enthusiastic about the changes coming, especially to the Town of Yarmouth. He goes to say that the transformation is going to be significant.


They have come up with an organization called "The Council to Improve Classroom Conditions" have been hard at work in the Town improving the conditions of classrooms for teachers and students alike. They have done several administrative changes in the Education System in the province that has been effective and the hope is that those changes will have a beneficial impact in the Town of Yarmouth, the gateway to Nova Scotia.


Do you want to buy home in Yarmouth? Want to make the official move to this quaint little Town full of rich history? Well with an average asking price of $131.450 Yarmouth homes are very cheap when compared to the rest of the Nation, as a matter of fact, it is Canada's 4252nd cheapest Town. According to realtor’s statistics, Yarmouth is the 15th most desirable destination in Nova Scotia with the most valuable investment properties available. Whether you are buying or renting, as always, you should conduct a very thorough investigation and perhaps even solicited the assistance of a professional and experienced realtor, which are plenty in Yarmouth.


In recent years, the number of properties listed in Yarmouth has decreased, which means the housing market may force those prices up a bit, so may want to move quickly in getting the home you want, should you decide to make the move, of course.

If you are planning a long distance moving from Montreal to Yarmouth, NS, there is some planning involve, not only by the movers you hired, but also by you, since we are talking about a long distance move, even if you are not piano moving or billiard moving, you'll still need some planning ahead of time.


Long distance moves like this one, Montreal-Yarmouth, as long as it may seem, it still can be successfully accomplished without bleeding money, with just a good and proper budgeting, plenty of research, and sufficient time to plan the whole move.

Finding a pretty decent house moving companies in Yarmouth should be a rather easy thing to do in a town of only 7000 people, but you'll still need to do some research, go online, fin reviews and all that.


Remember that Nova Scotia is an island, therefore at some point during your moving journey, ferries and sea travel is going to be involved, so you want professional movers that are more than capable of handling this situation, perhaps have a knack for seafaring adventures. Another key point on investigating a moving company is getting the best quote need for a move.  

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