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Waterloo Ontario is a popular city for post secondary within the province of Ontario. It is a city in southern Ontario that is adjacent to a larger city Kitchener Ontario. Often both these cities are referred to as twin cities although have separate municipal governments. Waterloo was incorporated as a village in 1857 and became the Town of Waterloo in 1876 and the City of Waterloo in 1948.


The current population varies due to temporary residents that attend the universities in the area but has an approximate population of 127,700.  Due to its geographical location in Ontario, most of the language spoken in Waterloo is English.

As mentioned earlier Waterloo and surrounding cities that make up the municipality are popular destination choices for post secondary education not only within the province but also within the country depending on your field of study. There are two main universities in Waterloo, The University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. There are several associated universities and colleges located in the area.


If you have not been able to establish a dwelling yet in Waterloo many online services within the city are available to investigate before moving. The City of Waterloo offers a website with information about local by laws and provincial legislation that are bound to both the owner and renters of homes or apartments in the city. If looking for an area that is not dense in population and more toward a rural setting are very popular in the area not only for new residents but people looking to retire in the area.


If you or the family prefers a home or apartment closer to important areas in the city such as post secondary institutions, hospitals or government offices for convince, often this is nothing difficult to do with enough planning.

It’s always a beneficial ideal to visit the City of Waterloo for several reasons before moving. Not only will you become familiar with the city and what it has to offer but create a conditioning for driving that is involved prior to the big move.


If deciding on a moving company to assist in a move from Montreal, Laval, Brossard to Waterloo, be sure to ask the company if they have any experience in the city of Waterloo and know their current traffic laws.

We provide exceptional moving services.  We are efficient and reliable movers.  Our fleet of trucks, management team and staff has grown steadily to meet the needs of our dynamic communities’. Many people have never used a professional moving service and don’t realize how cost effective and easy it can be.  Professional moving companies have the right equipment, people, systems, policies and procedures in place to turn what could be a very stressful event into a wonderful experience.


Our trucks are kept in excellent condition and they are always spotless so our movers will transport all of your belongings without any dust or dirt. We will treat your possessions like our own so you can rest assured that they will be Well taken care of. When you are moving with us, we will help you pack and make sure that everything is done with care. Should anything become damaged, we will take full responsibility to repair and replace the items.


Our piano movers are specially trained to move all types of pianos from Montreal to Toronto and GTA and have specialty equipment to protect and move your piano safely and securely. Pianos are heavy instruments, and it's easy to damage the piano itself, surrounding walls or an individual during the move.


Our billiard crews are specifically trained to move and install billiard in Montreal and long-distance moves. As one of a handful of qualified billiard moving companies to Waterloo will disassemble, protect, and move your slate billiard at your convenience. When we arrive at your new destination our billiard moving professionals will then carefully reassemble and level it so that you and your family and friends, can start playing again.


We offer free, honest and upfront quotes for our services, as well as useful moving tips that will help make your moving day easier.

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