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If you are planning on moving from Ajax to Montreal area, we are your company! Feel free to rely on us. Making a good plan is where we should step in. Contact our moving company from Montreal and we will work out your moving strategy together. We are here to serve you and answer all your questions about tour move to Montreal! We are here to provide you with the best moving service possible.


Montreal is the most populous city in the province of Quebec on the Island of Montreal in Canada. It is the second largest city in Canada. The nickname is "The Paris of Canada". In fact, it is the second largest French speaking city in the world, after Paris. French is the city's official language and the language spoken at home by 49.8% of the population of the city, followed by English at 22.8% and 18.3% other languages. The largest European ancestries in Montreal include French (26%), Italian (7%), Irish (6%), English (4%), Scottish (3%) and Spanish (2%). In 2013, more than 35% of all Canadians were living in one of Canada's three largest metropolitan areas, including Montreal.


Montreal was once the leading city in the country, although it has been passed since then as its population growth has slowed. Toronto passed Montreal in population in the 1970s and the cities are now worlds apart in terms of size. In another 60 years, Vancouver is predicted to surpass Montreal. For the past five years, Montreal has also been behind the national average growth rate. By 2030, the Greater Montreal Area is expected to grow to 5.275 million of which 1.72 million will belong to a visible minority group. Montreal is in the southwest of the province of Quebec. The city covers most of the Island of Montreal at the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. At the end of the last ice age, some 11,700 years ago, the lower St. Lawrence was a large sea (Champlain Sea) that eventually drained, leaving the fertile sedimentary St. Lawrence River valley, which is shaped like a funnel—narrow at the Quebec City end and considerably wider upriver at Montreal. Those physical conditions eventually translated into a settlement pattern with more farms and people in and around Montreal than around Quebec City.


Moreover, Montreal’s location farther south and in closer proximity to the modifying effects of the Great Lakes than Quebec city gave the region’s farmers a distinct advantage in increased frost-free days over those who lived downriver. Montreal is classified as a warm-summer humid continental climate in the Montreal-Trudeau airport and a hot-summer humid continental climate at McGill University. Summers are warm to hot and humid with a daily maximum average of 26 to 27°C (79 to 81°F) in July .Temperatures in excess of 30 °C (86 °F) are common. Conversely, cold fronts can bring crisp, drier and windy weather in the early and later parts of summer. The mountain is the site of Mount Royal Park, one of Montreal's largest Greenspaces. In the park most of which is wooded, was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed New York's Central Park and was inaugurated in 1876. Montreal has the second-largest economy of Canadian cities based on GDP and the largest in Quebec. In 2014, Metropolitan Montreal was responsible for C$118.7 billion of Quebec's C$340 7 billion GDP. The city is today an important center of commerce, finance, industry, technology, culture, world affairs and is the headquarters of the Montreal Exchange. In recent decades, the city was widely seen as weaker than that of Toronto and other major Canadian cities. Montreal is considered a very safe city, even though the STM transit system in Montreal is one of the safest in the world, Children start school at the age of five and finish when they are 17. High school in Montreal only goes up to grade 11, instead of up to grade 12 as is the case in the general education system of Canada. For this reason, students who wish to continue on to university must first complete another two years at a post-secondary college. Nowadays Montreal is the most popular city all over the world. People love this city and want to live in.


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