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July 1 and Montreal Movers

Did you ever started to climb mighty twisted stairs having heavy luggage on your shoulders and head? For your interest, thousands of Montreal residents do it on a single day. Within 24 hours.

Surprised to hear that, well; you might think that it is a psychological norm or tradition of Quebec people collected migration from their houses or Apartments. Yes, it is the Moving day that is celebrated on each year on 1st of July and there is official public holiday in Canada. It is way back 269 year old tradition of Quebec City.


This day turnout to be a very busy hectic day in Canada 2nd most populous city the Quebec. According to a recent survey of a notable journal. Around 250000 people move from their apartments to new apartments on July 1 or after this day weekend.

In the province Quebec city Montreal; ‘the land of festivals’ has a most gusty episode of Moving day the July 1st. a Government official claimed that around 70000 families move from one place to another on this day because the astonishing fact about Montreal. It has the lowest housing ownership rates in Canada aided by Quebec government very Friendly laws that also control rent of Houses and apartments.


We asked to Montreal Local about this moving day. “Has he moved on July 1?” ‘Oh yes’ he replies with a laugh, “Yes it is almost big adventures for Montrealers” he added.

On this weekend of July 1. Nearly 50000 tons of house hold waste of discarded item is produced and this contains discarded items from socks to Electrical appliances i.e, Mobile chargers, hand frees, couches, mattresses, to even Green Christmas trees. That makes their way to disposal landfills by excellent work of city Municipality.


On the other hand, the moving and truck rental companies, it is a day of lot of workload or in other word source of great earnings.

I remembered last year Moving day. There was lot of heat out there. It was a very warm day, temperature was touching the 40 degrees. That seized the Montreal people adventure of moving from their apartments.


History of Moving day: Now let’s talks about the History of the Moving day. This tradition of Moving day is believed to be exist in Canadian people as old as 1750. When French invaders setup a colonial administration right there. The French government designed a policy that may 1 will be official day for Landlords to sign new lease agreements with their tenants for next year. In 1866 this was made a law by Government.

It was remained intact for a century. In 1974 Quebec officials made a modification in this law about starting and closing of lease agreement between the tenants and landlords. During that period of time usually leases duration starts in between April 30 to June 30. With the Passage of time it was transit to July one. It is now officially Holiday on this day and is celebrated as Moving day.


Great Montreal Moving Day Uproar: The preparation for this great day of July 1 started as early as the ending phase of April or from the start of May. The families that have aim to Move from their apartments start to look up for an ideal Flat or house with the packaging of their luggage into Boxes and their safe transportation to their next destination.


The Local government encourages the Movers to maintain a neat, hygienic and clean environment. The Local Movers are said to maintain a pollution free environment of their Apartments that they left.

The administration start awareness campaigns of the Movers to use recycled Material as much as possible. But it is fact that when such a large masses migrates from one corner other and with the lack of knowledge about recycled and non-recycled items it, a large garbage and wastage of stuff of discarded items is on the card. That is ultimately disposed off at land-fill sites. The whole Garbage and waste material is than disposed offed around six eco-centers far away from the population.

Thanks to this excellent Municipal system of the Montreal, that keep the Quebec City as one of the world beautiful, charming and peaceful city.

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