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Located in the northern part of North America, Canada is a country where it is good to live because of its history, its language, its colleges and universities, its tourist sites to visit, its restaurants particularly in the city of Quebec. Here are some good reasons to discover this beautiful Quebec city.

Population, geographical location

Located in the Canadian province on the St. Lawrence River, Quebec City was created in 1608. It includes Place Royale, a fortified colonial center and Old Quebec, with its narrow streets and stone buildings. In addition, the city of Quebec is home to the strong Citadelle of Quebec, also the hotel Château Frontenac.

The city proposes as motto: Gift of God will be worth. It has 569,717 inhabitants and covers an area of ​​484.1 km² and is located in the very heart of the Capitale-Nationale administrative region. In addition, the Petit-Champlain has cobblestone streets, with shops and bistros at the curb.

History and language of Quebec

Created by Samuel de Champlain since July 3, 1608, Quebec City is the birthplace of La Francophonie in North America. From the beginning of the 17th century, the current place of Quebec City was occupied by nomadic populations called Algonquin. It was the place narrowing the river. The place seemed ideal for the establishment of a regular colony that expanded to the side of Place Royale.

With French as an official language, Quebec City is one of its diversity of Anglophones because after the French Regime, the British occupied the city after the arrival of their reinforcements.

Tourist place to visit in Quebec City

The tourist places to visit in the Quebec city are very numerous. Historic sites and monuments, parks to visit, take a cruise or visit on foot. Indeed, it is nice to make walking tours on the Promenade Samuel-de Champlain. What about visits to the Cathedral Basilica - Notre-Dame-de-Québec, the Palis Station or the St Louis Gate. It is also recommended to do an adventure in town during the day. In addition, a historic tour of Lower Quebec City by bike is a moment of incredible happiness. These places may push to relocate to Quebec City.

Best University and College in Quebec City

Québec City has a multitude of universities and colleges in its city. First, there is the Université du Québec, created since 1608, which continues to shine. There are also institutes such as the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) or high-performing faculties such as the Faculty of Dentistry at Laval University, which is one of the 17 faculties of Laval University.

Then we have colleges like O'Sullivan College in Quebec, Collège Mérici or Collège Stanislas. That's why many people dream of moving to Quebec City.


Best French Restaurants in Quebec City

Quebec City offers the best food and drink in its restaurants. These are very secure. Among its numerous restaurants, there is the Buffet de L'Antiquaire which opens its doors from morning until late at night and offers dishes rich in traditional Canadian dishes.

Then L'Affaire is Ketchup which is also a restaurant located in the Quebec city that opens every day except Monday. With a very friendly welcome, it has a festive place.

The list is long, but we can add Chez Boulay-boreal bistro, iX For Bistro, Chez Rioux & Pettigrew etc ... which encourage to move to Quebec.

5 reasons to move to Quebec

-The seasons that follow one another but are not alike. During the winter, many ski sport enthusiasts realize their dreams of coming to live in Quebec. In fact, winter is a good reason to move to this city.

-Security in the Quebec city makes it possible to walk in its streets without being threatened.

- The legal age to consume is, moreover, spared by Canadian laws that set the age of 18 to drink alcohol in other cities. That's why, many young teens are invading the city today. So there is a world and a good life that drives people to move from Longueuil to Quebec City.

-Rents are also a reason to move to this city

-The nightlife can also be considered as a reason to discover the city because the licensed bars, restaurants and nightclubs ensure the party until three o'clock in the morning. This makes it very difficult to move to the Quebec city. Moving Longueuil, local service at the best price.

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