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Moving from Longueuil to Magog


Moving from Longueuil to Magog can be an easy transition with enough planning and budgeting. There are a number of cottages, condos, apartments and even waterfront homes you can opt for your stay. If you do plan on moving from Longueuil to Magog, the city promises a lot of attractions for you all year round.


Quebec is one of the most gorgeous provinces of Canada. A picture perfect, highly diverse province featuring rural areas and bustling towns, forests and beaches, lakes and rivers. Amidst all this is nestled the beautiful and breathtaking city of Magog. Boasting stunning views of Lake Memphremagog, Magog is a city promosing an escape to the buzz of every day life. It is situated at the convergence of Lake Memphremagog and Magog River, just 75 miles away from the district of Montreal.  It was founded in 1776 by the Loyalist emigrants of United States. Its population indicated 25,358 residents as per the 2011 census, which was later estimated to be a home to 26,460 residents in 2015. The city is best known for its textile mills and food processing. Magog being one of the exotic regions of Quebec; its exquisiteness charms sightseers from all over the world. The picture-perfect sight of Mount Orford and magnificent lake view are the two significant contributors in attracting tourism in the city. The shops, the services and the amazing resort area are maintained considering the demand of tourists and vacationers. Houses, hotels, resorts and what not; the city mesmerizes its visitors with perfect services for their vacation or business trips. The heartening hospitality and reoccurring festive events make the vacation more memorable. The culture of this city carries a rich heritage that traces back its elements in the 18th century.


Magog has numerous community colleges, institutes and schools that cover a wide range of courses. Apart from that there are universities that specifically cater the need of bilingual students. With only 5.6% of the population who speak English; majority of the dwellers speak French that accounts up to 92.2% of the total population, leaving behind around 1 percent of the residents who speak other languages.


Moving to Magog can be an experience worth taking. The exciting and adventurous spirit of the city allures travelers and vacationers, and keeps the life of its residents worth cherishing. Packing the boxes and moving to a new city or even within a city is a hassle. But there are certain movers and moving companies that offer best of their services, such as Demenagement Economique. Be it a billiard or a grand Piano, the moving company at Magog are always ready to extend outstanding customer care and services. The moving cost varies with the time consumption. Some of the companies offer discount on their packages in different seasons. The moving cost may be calculated for as low as $85 per hour for load and unload time, which may have variance as per the distance.


Condos with one room for rent can be estimated in between $700 and $1,096. The minimum rent of Condos with two-bedroom apartment can be calculated as $1,250 and can exceed up to $1,295. The Condos with three-bedroom accommodation can charge rent up to as much as $2,000. The rental cost differs as per the need of the resident or travelers or the type of house you wish to rent. 

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