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Moving from Longueuil to Rouyn-Noranda


Are you planning to move from Longueuil to Rouyn-Noranda?  Our Longueuil moving company, offers more than 10 years of experience helping families and businesses move to their new location or to store their belongings. 

The beautiful city of Rouyn which was named after a Captain who served the Royal- Roussillon battalion of Montcalm because copper wa discovered in the area rendering it important for The French. It gained status as a city in 1926 after which it joined with Noranda to form a unitary city in 1986. The city is situated in the seat of UQAT and also holds the distinction of being the capital city of Abitibi-Témiscamingue. It has held that seat since 1983.

When it comes to population the growth has been at best, patchy. The population has ebbed and followed with the changing situation in the economy. The city saw a sharp decline in population from 1996 to 2001  with a whopping 5 % overall decrease. The population made a small improvement from 2006 increasing upto 1% in total population. If we compare the population of Quebecan cities compared to Northern ontario the population statistics mirror Northern Ontario in this regard. What is also interesting about the city is its another similarity with Northern Ontario in the sense that it is part of Francophone Municipalities Association of Ontario.


Statistics show that French has grown ever stronger as a language in the city. In 1996, 94% of the population spoke French and identified French as their primary language. In 2001 that statistic increased to a full percentage point increasing to 95%.  In 2006-2011 the numbers grew even stronger reaching the figures of mid 96% firmly cementing itself as the premier language in the city. English comes a distant second in the city. The English speaking folks have declined steadily over a period of 15 years touching almost 4% which was relatively higher compared to other cities in the region. The population fell to a staggering low of 1.8% in 2006 which can be explained by the declining economy around that time. There has been a slight surge since that time in both population speaking English and the economy.


If you are moving from Longueuil to Rouyn-Noranda it is essential you know the housing rates in the area. Generally a three bedroom place with three bathrooms will cost around $225,000. A four bedroom place at a posh locality may cost you close to $390, 000 so be sure to know your budget and requirements before buying a place in the city. Choosing a place can be very tricky so its best to get a feel of the place before permanently moving in. That is why renting a place is advisable as it gives you the room to understand the area before making a cash splurge. A three bedroom place will cost you around $500. A bigger place such as 4 bedroom will set you back to around $800. Judging by the two its advised to rent a place first and if you like the area go ahead and buy it for yourself and your family.


Before you move from Longueuil to Rouyn-Noranda you need to hire a good moving company. Without a good moving company expect your transition to be nothing less than a nightmare. A good moving company makes the whole tedious process smooth and hassle free so you can focus on the other aspects of moving in to the new city instead of worrying about losing your valuables and furniture. Our company is one of the renowned movers in the area, is also a well reputed company that you may consider when making a move.

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