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Moving from Longueuil to Saint-Sauveur


If you're planning a move from Longueuil to Saint-Sauveur, our long-distance team of professional movers is ready to help you enjoy your easiest move ever.


Saint-Sauveur is a small town situated in the Les Pays-d'en-Haut Regional County Municipality in the province of Quebec. It lies in the northern region in the mountainous terrains of Laurentian Mountains which makes it a top-notch destination for skiing. Saint-Sauveur is renowned for its various ski locations among which Mount Saint - Sauveur is the most famous amongst them all. The ski areas have gained such acclaim that they are jointly called the "Valley of Saint-Sauveur ". As mentioned before the area lies close to Montreal and is a virtual paradise for nigh time skiing.


The town is not only a natural paradise but home to some musical geniuses such as Kate and Anna McGarrigle. In September of 2002 the city was born from the joining of two areas which included the village of Saint Sauveur Des Monts and the municipality of Saint-Sauveur

The city has slowly and gradually increased in population and not by leaps and bounds. The population count according to statistics of 2006 suggest that the population was 9191 which increased fractionally to 9881 in 2011 census. It’s a paltry 7.5 % increase and not very impressive numbers in terms of population growth.


Not surprisingly French is the dominant language in the city with over 86% of the population recognizing it as their mother tongue. English comes in second with 9% of the population speaking English as a first language. Only 1% of the population speaks both languages together which shows how strong the influence of French language is on the whole province. Other languages account for 3 % of the total population which again is a tiny percentage.


There are several educational institutes in the city such as the Chapiteu Saint-Sauveur which is an established arts school. There is Pleasant Vally School for Elementary level education as well. The big university is up north In Montreal which is the University of Montreal. Since Montreal is closer to the city many students enroll there for higher education.


If you are looking to rent or buy a house it is advisable to so a thorough research before choosing one that makes the most sense to you. If you are looking to buy a new home, it may cost you approx. $ 200,000 for a 2 bedroom and bathroom Bungalow. The area will be close to 10, 500 sq. foot. it is ideal if you are looking to move in with a family. If you are a bachelor, it is probably advisable to rent a place there. It also makes sense to rent a place if you are in the city for a short-term period. A 2 bed, 2 bath places will cost you $ 1200 if you are looking to rent the place. The rent increases to $ 1500 if you are looking at a 3 bed 3-bathroom option. Alternatively, there is also an option for renting mobile homes which are a cheaper option and will cost around $ 1000 for a 2 bed 1 bath place.


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