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7 Places to visit In Montreal

I am enlisting seven must visit places to visit for the tourist in Montreal. Although I have plenty of places and things to do in Montreal. But it will take your so many time to read out. So I Just want to share top seven places to visit with any doubt that these are full of exciting, enjoyment and beautiful site.

If you are visiting Montreal first time and want to make use of your lot of time, want to enjoy, fun and entertainment for every bit of time, then you can add these places to your wish list. I am sharing my personal experience. I am sure that these wonderful places will completely elaborates the Montreal, beauty, culture, food History and architectural point.

So let’s start our tour.

Mont-Royal: If you are new at Montreal, I recommend you, that you start your Journey from the Mont Royal. It is actually a very beautiful walking place. It is also free with its amazing view of Montreal Downtown accomplices by mighty green mountains at the background. What else, it is the Montreal best Selfie spot.


Montreal food: You are in Montreal and have not taste it best Food recipes. Then your campaign is out of life. Montreal is a foodie city. Montreal local have habit to go out for their Dinner and taste a good meal. This is also the fact that Quebec City has more no of restaurant per capita than many other cities of North America.

I will recommend you the best food tour of the Montreal and in my opinion, it is Mile end food tour. The poutine of Montreal and smoky Meat are most popular food items among the tourist.


Walking along St-Paul Street:  In Montreal there is never shortage of venues for each type of personality. If you love walking then you should have a walk along the famous St-Paul Street. By walking through this street you may feel like you are in European atmosphere.


Visit of Markets: it is normal for every tourist to go through the Markets of the city they are wandering. It not only gives them the interaction with the local community, but it is also the symbol of that city traditions, culture and lifestyle of the residents of the city. You find many new things to purchase that you cannot find elsewhere.


For Montreal visitors I will recommend to at least taste the Quebec made strawberries in summer. If you have not eat then I guess you have not enjoyed a full life. You can also spent money to enjoy the delicious taste of food items like ice wines, ciders along with diversified stuff of maple products.

At the end I want to mention two famous marketplaces that have beautiful location to visit these are ‘Jean-Talon’ and ‘Atwater’ market.


Notre-dame: Frankly speaking in my travel dairy. I often not mentioned too many religious buildings unless it is absolutely mandatory to describe. Luckily Montreal has a religious place know as Notre-Dame Basilica. It has no match in its beauty and architectural design. This is the most decorated and lovely church in the town. This is so Much popular among the visitors that you will find everybody talking about it.


Montreal museum of Arts: You know Montreal is a city of rich culture and astonishing arts. So, you cannot miss the Montreal Museum if you love History Culture and arts Work. The Montreal Museum of fine Arts is worth watching that display a complete picture of Canadian arts and culture over the period of time. Here you can find work of Great artists like Chihuly, Rodin, Warhal, Gaultier and many more.


Up Above the Sky:  Montreal is the city of tall buildings as many corporate companies’ offices are established here. In which one of the building “AU Sommet” the 2nd tallest building of Montreal the Quebec City. It offers a bird eye view of this incredible and magnificent city. You can witness the leafy Mont-Royal, the Olympic stadium, the River St. Lawrence as well as the Hilly area of southern shore. For your Wonder, All these beautiful scenes from this skyscraper only costs worth $19 Canadian dollars only.

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