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5 Great Reason move to Montreal:

Arts and culture:  Montreal is commonly considered as unofficial capital of Canada. This city has tradition, and culture of present past and future. From paved streets made of fine cobble stones to past historical archaeological sites. Montreal has its own distinctive European style of attitude.


1. Home of Arts: this city is the nursery of rich, unique and distinctive arts activities. Art can be seen in every form here, in Montreal from music to dance, to theatre, opera, comedy, film, and circus arts almost every form of arts is present. The esteemed architectural sites, museums, modern and traditional arts with contemporary arts, i.e, Fashion boutiques, art Galleries and electrical/auto exhibitions.


2. City of festivals: in Montreal, every year more than 100 festivals or public fairs around the year. These festivals cover music, film, theatre, visual arts, cinema, comedy and fireworks. Some of the most famous and popular event are Montreal international jazz fest, the Francophiles music festival, just for laugh festival, lafete des neiges winter festival, the Osheaga and heavy Montreal music events and Montreal Loto-Quebec International Fireworks competition.


3. Night Life: Montreal is also known as ‘sin city’ of North America with its most attracting, colorful night life. Here legal age of drinking is 18 aided by its excellent Metro transport system. With a wide range of Night spots i.e; night clubs pubs, bars, vape shops, Africans clubs, Latin clubs, and jazz clubs, it attracts a wide range of customers from around the world.


4. Great food: Montreal ranked 2nd in North America and 13th worldwide in world best food cities by a renowned journal. While in a survey of ‘food and wine magazine’ it is among the 20 best food cities in 2015.  This city restaurants, hotels offer a wide range of food and drinks recipes that almost suits everybody person budget. Its food items include local Home style to foreign cities dishes and recipes that are covered by restaurants like international cuisines to family restaurants and dinning buffets for cooperate world. Montreal has the greatest number of food restaurants per capita in North America.


5. Rich culture: from history Montreal has a British colonial area and a French settlement. That why it has both English/Britain and French culture. Today around 60% of population speaks French language. It is bilingual city where you can speak both of English and French. So, Montreal is a city where multi-culture co-exists.


For cost of Living: Montreal locals has a high purchasing power. Whether it is for clothing, electronics, medical care or raising a family. The cost of living in Montreal is far lower from most of the major cities of North America.

One of the other important thing, the Montreal has a very low housing rate and compared to other main cities of Canada. Here property price is half the rate of Toronto. It is about third of the price for the vancour. That is the key factors that many investors from foreign countries loves to invest in property sector of Montreal.


Educational city: According to surveys, Montreal is 2nd best in North America and 7th worldwide among the best educational cities for students. Montreal has more Universities per capita from any other city in also offers very low cost of academic expenditure aided by very low rates for basic life styles.

Four most famous universities of Montreal are ‘McGill University, Concordia university, university of Montreal and University of Du Quebec a Montreal.


Career opportunities: Montreal is the economic hub of Canada and North America. In fact it is the leader of information technology and high tech industry. As a diverse economic and industrial city it offer many career opportunities for people in every aspect of each field.

Here are some of the main industries of Canada.

Montreal is the homeland of some of the big companies in information technology, software houses, telecommunication services, arts and film and android video games developers. Like warner brothers, electronics arts (EA) and Ubisoft.

About 40% of human Pharmaceutical companies of Canada are located at Montreal.

It is also the hub of Aeronautical and Aerospace engineering Works.

While we have already discuss about the arts and film industry before. Many production houses of Media companies, film and Music studios concerts halls, cinemas and of visual arts are settled here.


Safe city with peace of mind: Montreal is the one of the safest cities to live as compared to many world cities. Here crime rate is very low and it is decreasing since 1990. Moreover it has to offer its residents the four major lifestyles securities that includes, digital security, health security, infrastructure security and personal safety.

In fact it is the city where you can live with freedom and peace of mind.

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