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Hre we offer you some information about Montreal. Montreal was ranked as one of the world's best places in the world to live by the Economist says as well as the best city in Canada to be a student. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world said Nelson Mandela. Education is only one thing that can remove corruption, unemployment, and environmental problems. The majority of the population in Montreal speaks French as a first language. Thus, French is the language of instruction at public schools in Montreal. But support is provided to those children whose first language is not French. The Canadian education system follows a three-stage, Primary, Secondary or Elementary, Post-secondary. Primary and secondary education is publicly funded. Schooling begins with kindergarten at age 5 and ends with Grade 12 (at about age 18).High school in Montreal only goes up to grade 11,instead of up to grade 12 as is the case in the general education system of Montreal. For this reason, students who wish to continue on to university must first complete another two years at a post-secondary college. With four universities, seven other degree-awarding institutions, and 12 CEGEPs in an 8-kilometre (5.0 mi) radius, Montreal has the highest concentration of post-secondary students of all major cities in North America.

There are some famous school and universities in Montreal including The Sacred Heart School, Collage Ville-Marie, English Montreal School Board, Royal West Academy, McGill University (35th in the world), he University de Montreal (137th in the world, fifth in Canada).Between 2012 and 2015, the number of international students increased by only 13 per cent in Montreal compared to 28 per cent in Toronto, 77 per cent in Vancouver and 26 per cent across Canada. And only one in three of these students stay in Quebec. That’s why we need to capitalize on Montreal new position and leverage international positive perception of the city. Two trends are underway in the economy of Greater Montreal: a demographic crunch and strong growth in high-tech sectors, leading to increased demand for skilled workers. As a result, Montreal’s unemployment rate has been dropping and now stands at 6.4 per cent. Kindergarten begins between the ages 5-6 and primary or elementary school ends in either Grades 6 or 8. Middle schools or junior highs are intended to prepare students for secondary education. These schools generally offer Grade 5, 6 or 7 to 8 or 9. At a primary school level, one classroom teacher instructs students in all general subjects. Specialized teachers may instruct students in music, visual arts, or physical education. Secondary schools are commonly referred to as high schools or Arcola secondary. Secondary School is five years, called Secondary I-V (or Sec I-V) or simply grades 7-11. This is divided into two "cycles", corresponding to junior high school grades 7-8 and senior grades 9-11. High school students who complete Secondary V receive their high school diploma. On report cards, marks are shown as letters and an average of the three marks associated to the subject will be calculated. For example, if a student achieves A, A- and B+ in a subject, teachers will calculate an average of the three marks (in this case, 90%). The passing mark in Quebec is 60%. Undergraduate degrees in Montreal can take either three or four years to complete, depending on the university. Postgraduate degrees last between one and three years to complete, depending on the type of degree. Different types of higher education providers in Canada including universities (which carry out research and provide both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees), community colleges and technical, applied arts or applied science schools (which grant certificates, diplomas, associates degrees and bachelor’s degrees). There are huge opportunities in Montreal than other city. For ensuring student's future parents like Montreal and they moving on.


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