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7 Things that you need to know before looking for an apartment in Montreal

Each year, as the beautiful spring seasoned March past away and with the start of April the indication of summer weather. There is start of concern for the household families that want to shift on moving day July one.

For newly married couple it may their debut for finding a suitable place for them. Others may be senior citizen in Montreal city Apartment Quest.

In both ways there are some essential points that every mover needs to know before looking for and apartment. We are enlisting some of the very basic and important things for your apartment hunt program. So fully prepared for your ideal Flat, house or Apartment Quest and keep these simple things in mind.


1. Montreal Apartment sizes with their specific Numbers:

The size of your required apartment, house depends on your family size, your household luggage and also on your community relationship. For finding apartment is sometimes seems to me very confusing, I still have nostalgia of my first apartment search. When the landlord displayed me an Apartment of the size of 11/2. At that instance I just wondered, “what is the Hell is this 11/2” no doubt many of you information about this particular size of flats. But I want to share my personal experienced about apartment sizes for your convenient.

11/2: it shows an apartment with single room studio with separate kitchen and washroom.

21/2: It consists of a living room along with a bedroom. It has also separate kitchen and washroom. In most cases, both rooms are not physically separated by a wall.

31/2: it include a particular living room with separate bed room. In this type of flat kitchen has also a separate portion not attached with living room.

+41/2: these types of apartment consists of one living room along with two separated bed room plus one kitchen while washrooms are attached.

So with the increase of first number the No of bedrooms increases.


2. Requirements for getting an Apartment:

This is very important and most of the tenants does not know the official documents that you need in order to obtain a flat, house or Apartment in Montreal. These are basically your personal identity information documents. By law, it is legal for the landlord to ask for these document from their tenants.

These documents includes

  • Your Driver’s license.
  • Social/health insurance card

You may require to show these documents to the landlord. You must be aware that you may not ask to submit these documents photocopies to the owner because Montreal laws does not permit this.


3. The Contact Information of your current/previous Landlord:

You may be asked by the landlord about the contact details of your current/previous landlord. It is only required for work reference. The owner may contact your last landlord and ask about your behavior and payment attitude for his reference and safety from any type of scam.

  • Credit report: this is your bank funds statement or your job offer/appointment letter and it may also be about your business information. The landlord actually want to make sure that you are a seasoned and sustainable renter for him before you get her flat on lease and you can pay his rent on time.


4.What the landlord cannot ask from you:

Some of the document that are your personal property and owner can’t ask you to submit these papers photocopies.  These are

  • Your health/Social Insurance card no.
  • Your passport
  • Your driving license Number


5.Not to pay ‘Finder Fee’:

Many of you have experienced that while in search of new apartment. You are student or family person. You goes that area of great location of the Montreal city like, Plataea, McGill Ghetto, or area of Downtown. Yu may asked for a sum of Money called as “finder fee” by the previous tenants. It may be paid in Hundreds of dollar as fee or security to secure that flat or you have to pay it for the furniture or other stuff that they want to leave it for you.

Some of the previous may be very straight forward and ask, “Well, we have paid the finder fee for this apartment and so you should have”. But it is not the matter if previous family have paid that fee, that are not make it mandatory for you that you have also pay that particular fee because at most of the locations at Montreal there is no any finder fee is essential to obtain an apartment.


​6. Ask for how much last Tenants paid:

While finalizing a house or flat of your choice, you may observe that landlord has been asking for overpricing of his flat from you. So don’t be panic, it is legal to ask the owner to show the last agreement or credit report of his previous tenants. From that report you can determine whether the rate is justified or it above the assigned increment rate. As well as it will also finish your confusion about the price

You may also check the standard apartment price rate for rent by local government of Quebec City.


7.Lease Length:

Generally most of landlords lease their apartment on yearly basis with standard building usage rules. By law any type of lease length agreement is legal in Montreal. It is not mandatory for you or landlord cannot insists you to sign a year-long lease agreement.

If you have to stay for a short period of time, you can make agreement with landlord on quarterly basis. it may also be from month to Month that suits more of your budget as well as it is convenient for you and your family.


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