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10 things to know before visiting Montreal.

Montreal is the city of blend of world excitements, charm and a very warm juvenile emotions. It is the most favorite and voguish place for tourist from around the world. Thousands of people visit this place each day.

If you are a tourist and want to enjoy the life at Montreal then you have to first know its common culture, customs, laws and terms. So that you have no difficulty when you will be walking in the street of this beautiful city.

I am sharing my personal experience about some important points of this city I hope you will have a very pleasant and smooth happy trip to Montreal.


Don’t turn right on red light: Perhaps Montreal is the only city in Canada, where it is not allowed to move towards right on red traffic signal. Actually this law is made for the safety of pedestrian. While in the rest of Canada you will not see such traffic law.


The term “DEP”: You might hear word “DEP” many times in conversations and talks. likewise “ I was just stop at a ‘DEP’ to take coffee.” In Montreal common word “Depanneur”. Which indicates to a shop or Superstore. At these shops, may visit for wine, Milk, cold, drink and most importantly for cheap beer or wine.


Word 5-a-7: While visiting through the city of Montreal you may have seen might billboards or simple advertisements that indicates special discounts, sale on a particular brand, with very attracting graphics. In Montreal you may see Bars, restaurants, pubs and wine shops with special advertisement signs “5-a-7” in English or French.

In this city this sign is symbol of ‘Happy Hour’. In simple words it is the area where tourist or travelers may sit of relaxation and is actually and open air area with excellent sitting arrangements from where you may witness with view of nature in most cases.

So ‘DEP’ and ‘5-a-7’ are the two Montreal terms that are very interesting for tourist to know their actual meanings.


Lots of festivals: Montreal is famous as one of the festive city of the Canada as well as of world. It is also the one of reality that most of tourists are very keen to visit this city. Almost in every week there are lots of fun filled and exciting festivals especially during the summer months from June to September. In this city you may feel that each day is like festival with full of colour, culture, values and excitements.


Which Season to visit: We all know in Canada, winter season is extremely harsh. Particularly from January to February due to its chilling frosting snow fall. But at that instance of time one of the most iconic festival is going on to take place. It is actually an outdoor music concert called as “Igloo fest” but we recommends visit this festival after beating this chilling winter season.


Bilingual city: The official language of Montreal is French and it is also the second largest city in Canada that speaks French. Interestingly 60 % of this city population can speaks both English and French. That is the reason Montreal has also the Bilingual city. So don’t hesitate to visit Montreal because here you will not face any communication problem.


North is not actually north: When wandering in the streets of Montreal you need to know any direction. Inquire about the direction from some of the locals and by the answer don’t surprise or panic. Because north is not north here in this city. It is one of the myth in Montreal. For example St. Lawrence River is considered locally to flow from west to east. But actually it is flowing from north. As a result whole frame of direction has been changed here. And it is the freaky fact that Montreal is the only city where sun sets in North.


The Metro is Subway: In Montreal public transport is officially called as “STM” That commonly local’s residents called that they are taking bus or Metro. In Toronto which has underground train called Subway. People called it as that they are using ‘TTC’ that is the city Public transport system.


Drinking age is 18: In most cities of Canada official age for legal drinking is 19. But in Montreal in contrast to that, the legal age is only 18. That relaxation in age may be due to advantages of this city as festive city and to promote tourism.


Montreal City Beer: At last keep it in mind that “Quebec” local and regional breweries company produce beer with more powerful scent, more flavored and with high concentration of Alcohol. Frequently 6% or it may sometimes touches the double digits. so keep this fact in mind before visiting this city.

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